Hello my name is Jake

Hello my name is Jake, I work supporting a 13 year old that is home schooled.

The young person would like to make a table, I was wondering if I were able to arrange lessons to learn some basic woodwork skills and (possibly) move towards making a table. I know that this is a members based community and thought there may be a member/s willing to support. He’s enthusiastic and ambitious!

(I’d also like to learn some wood work skills!)


Hello Jake! Welcome! That may be a question for the @woodtechs or/and @directors. I think we have some relevant health and safety rules but I can’t quite remember the details

@woodtechs and/or @directors just wondering if you had any more information for me? Thanks for your reply Hannah!

Hi Jake welcome,

Probably best to get your name down for the basic woodwork foundation induction so that you can use the wood shop initially.

There’s a good woodwork class at the Thomas Carlton Centre in Peckham and they do both daytime and evening courses.

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Thanks for the reply Clix, I will investigate.