Hello my name is Duncan

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Hello I’m new to the area

I’m a set and prop builder in my day and have spent the last 3 months involved with the local 3d printing ppe for NHS initiatives


Hi Duncan

And welcome!

Sorry no one replied…

Who were you printing PPE with/for? We’ve started to have an uptick in requests for shields again (for shops and some supported accommodation), but big focus at the moment is on masks

I printed locally my 2 sidewinder and a friend’s 3 prusa mk3s.
I also periodically fulfilled orders for 3dcrowd and I sent of some prints to N3dps.
Unfortunately I had only just moved to the area so learnt of you a bit late.
I am still shipping out custom orders occasionally but I have mostly wound down until the 2nd wave.

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Hi Duncan,:smiley: welcome to the space, when things get back to normal at some point in the near future we must have a coffee and a natter, I make monsters , masks and evil robots mostly, keep well Brian D=

Welcome dude! I’m new myself! What kinda props do you make? Do you have photos?