Hello Johan here

(Johan Lindskog) #1

Hi. I’ve just filled in the pre joining survey. Hope to be able to join. One of the greatest outlets of stress is to create things (for me it’s been mainly writing and composing). With family and work, it’s been a while, but I am itching to make something again. I once built an electric guitar, my aim is to first build a simple new one and then, when my confidence is a little higher, make a new neck for my old one and finally make it awesome!

(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Johan,


We have a few musicians and music/audio/instrument creators around here – we should organise a get-together?

(Marc Lupton) #3

I also did the joining survey a few days ago (not sure when we will hear back). Surprised to hear that someone else wants to do the same!

I made my first guitar a 6 months ago and am planning on making another one. Hopefully the space will allow me to do this as just moved to London

I am intending on making a telecaster style guitar but with some custom elements such as a drop top, laser engraved metal pickguard, binding ect

(Dermot Jones) #4

Everyone who did the most recent survey – that closes tonight – should be receiving an email some time tomorrow

(Johan Lindskog) #5


That sounds very nice. I last built something similar in my late teens (which is now a long time ago), so I aim to start with a simple flat top prs style build. Will probably buy a neck and attempt to fret it myself.

The aim is to learn to build body and neck from scratch.

Would be great to trade ideas and see your previous build.


(Marc Lupton) #6


Here’s a pic of my last build.

(Johan Lindskog) #7

Hi. The pic dodnt upload, but I saw it in the other thread. The strat looks flawless. You can give me some pointers on how to achieve such a nice sunburst finish.

(Johan Lindskog) #8


Thanks for your reply!

It would be great to meet up and get a feel for what the music making community is like.

I am still waiting for my membership offer though. Planning on coming along to open night this Wednesday to say hi in person.