Hello, I'm Tristan

Greetings, I’m from abroad and was originally interested in dropping by just to take a look around and chat and collect ideas about maker space/fablab organizational structure.

Now I’m also finding myself in need of space and some tools to pull apart my laptop and see why it won’t turn on… (and it’s fine if that’s elsewhere! it sounds like you all are fairly tight on space)

I am currently (when not travelling) working on modular parts for quickly prototyping machines that make things - and a whole bunch of different object level projects, mostly related to getting infrastructure established on a shared land project I’m part of.

Generally interested in making nifty and pretty things, radio (licensed amateur), FPGAs, domain specific languages for design, modularity, composability, reproducability, and interactive/creative (over batch/manufacture) machine interfaces.

Hi Tristran

Depending on your timing maybe @electrotechs would have you as their guest at Thursday’s night electronics and coding evening?

P.S…we’re not that short of space!

That does sound fun, alas I’ll be heading out Tuesday evening.

WRT the laptop I have other avenues of inquiry - so if noone is coming in (or wants to host an inquisitive guest, or sees this) that’s fine.

How long are you around for?

Just got back to the area after a conference in Poland, leaving for the US on Tuesday evening.

@tristan , we will have the elctronics night Thursday, feel free to pop in and ask for me :slight_smile:

Tristan called by today…and got suited up and helped in Arch2 clearout!

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@Dermot Speaking of which, remember to check the pockets of those suits - I left the lost treasure inside :~).

@emuboy I’ll be leaving on Tuesday, alas.

I did find the problem with the laptop though. Not impossible to repair, but probably more frustrating and time consuming than I can handle. (Clearing Arch 2 seemed much more fun!)

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Ouch! Are components fried or board just may need cleaning? Might try to source a good used one…

Yeah, hopefully getting a used one today (whole laptop) to use and eventually use as a reference to try and clean this one up. Not sure if anything is fried. The chip on the right with all the corrosion is a TI 25810, which only takes 5v in and interacts with 5v safe data lines, so it’s possible that I’ll be able to pull that circuit off and clean it up and that’ll bring the 5v power rail back in spec and it’ll work (without power on the USB C port)…

Or I’ve got a very nice screen to make a wee external monitor with!


Damn…now everyone knows they might find the treasure simply by volunteering and putting on the right overalls…


I am Giles. Joining as soon as the link will let me.