Hello, I'm Tomas

(Tomas Smare) #1

Hello, I’m Tomas.

Just joined so thought I’d better say hello.

I’m interested in making all sorts of bits and bobs but particularly interested in making speaker cabinets and furniture.

(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi @Tomas_Smare

Welcome to Makerspace!

A few members have made speaker cabinets including @joeatkin2 and @lewisss

Head over to admin > induction waiting lists and get yourself on anything relevent

@woodtechs should be able to tell when the next inductions are for the woodshop

(electrotech) #3

Welcome aboard

(Esther Gladstone) #4

Hi Tomas

We look forward to seeing you! I also like a bit of furniture making, so would like to hear about what you are interested in?



(joeatkin2) #5

I am just about to start a pair of speaker .

(Tomas Smare) #6

Thank you all for the welcome.

@Dermot - Got myself on the woodshop induction lists so hoping to get in there soon. May put myself down on a few others too though.

@Esther_Gladstone- In the past I’ve made made a few cabinet type things (sideboards, wardrobes etc) as I do a lot of CAD in my day job so was easy to just get things CNC’d. Would really like to learn to proper joinery stuff too though. What sort of things do you normally make?

@joeatkin2- What type of things d’you normally build?

(joeatkin2) #7

All sorts of things.
Last thing was a table lamp