Hello! I'm Tina and I'm interested in the 3D printer

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I’m interested in using most of the equipment here and am also keen to get to know fellow artist/designer makers who live in the area. I live in Herne Hill. I have a degree in ceramics and glass and MA in art in architecture. But for now I’m doing a one day a week course in jewellery making. The first thing I’d like to learn is how to use the 3D printer as it should be perfect to make small pieces to use in jewellery. How do I get an induction? I’ve tried looking for the waiting lists , but I can’t find it. Could someone help me?
Thank you

Hi Tina!

Try now! Takes a little bit from membership to get access to the members categories here on Discourse.

Also, we are just onboarding ceramics so will be great to have you on board!


Can’t remember if the space has a resin printer but that might be better for small highly detailed pieces.

No resin printer yet but the folks have not yet made full use of the dual extruder printer

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Thanks, I’ve got access now

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I’m not sure what a dual extruder is. But I will see if there’s an induction

Essentially this machine can take 2 different filaments at once…

So you can print stuff like this: