Hello, I'm Rosie!

Hiya, I’m Rosie, I have recently graduated from 3D Design and Craft (Brighton) and I’m thrilled to have found such a lovely workshop community nearby in London! I mostly work with wood and ceramics and cant wait to get back onto the lathe… Looking forward to meeting fellow makers. Rosie x


Hey Rosie,


As you know we don’t currently have ceramics…but with Arch2 who knows

Tagging the @lathetechs to aee if there’s upcoming inductions

Dear Dermot,

Thank you for your warm welcome!

However please could you manually link my discourse account to my membership account for me to start accessing inductions.

My discourse name is: Rosie Tweedale

Username: rosietdesigns

Many thanks,


Hi Rosie,

All connected now! Join waiting lists at will…