Hello, I'm Robin

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I came on the open day earlier this week, and Lauren kindly showed me round. Great too see the space and meet a couple of people. Really to see a space to make things, especially coming from our typical small apartment.

I’m just back from a week of welding workshop, so hoping to do some more to build a custom bicycle frame or two. Also to use the paint booth to spray paint the one I’ve made already. Also have some electronics projects that I’ve always wanted to do.

Does anyone know whether there are plans for oxy-acetylene, propane or TIG equipment in the new arch’s metalshop? Or is it stick/MIG only?


Hi Robin!

Welcome! We can’t store flammable gasses in the arches :boom: :train: so no oxy-acetylene or propane. But TIG would be great to have, we need more people interested in doing metalwork and becoming metaltechs to make this happen though! Right now we are not even using the equipment we have, so that is a ways off- I can show you where we are with stuff next week if that works?


Hi Andy,

Yes that makes sense not to have gas in the arches :no_mouth:

I could swing my tomorrow (Tues) sometime after work (from 6pm), otherwise I’ll be away until mid Jul.

No metal expert by any stretch, but may be able to put a bit of time in if it’s helpful.