Hello, I'm Paul

Hello! My name’s Paul (he/him) and I’ve lived in South London for about 16 years, in Rotherhithe. I came to the open evening last night and I’ve just signed up my direct debit, so I’m hoping to be a fully fledged member very shortly.

I worked for a while in a factory making factory machinery, did a degree in electronic engineering, I’ve done quite a bit of woodworking in the past, and I’m looking forward to being able to use all this useful machinery (that I don’t possibly have space for at home) once again. I’m also really excited about things I haven’t had the chance to use, like resin printing, CNC and laser cutting. I think a lot of my projects will be somehow related to music: I play a few mainly stringed instruments, including some unusual ones like shamisen (in my profile photo) and sanshin and mess around with making electronic music and making the things to make electronic music.

I’m also very interested to hear about cycle routes from Rotherhithe to the space that avoid some of the hills!


Welcome :slight_smile:

This is how I cycle to the space from home, avoiding Denmark Hill: https://www.strava.com/activities/8692306132

There might be a different way for you to get to Peckham depending on where in Rotherhithe you live, but you can follow the route from Peckham onwards.

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Hi Paul,

Welcome to our community, good to hear you enjoyed the open evening.

Let’s talk making things to make electronic music soon! I like designing and building Eurorack modules.

You should be able to access all member’s categories on Discourse. There should also be a message in your inbox helping with the first steps, i.e. inductions where and what and all that good stuff.

See you soon at the Makerspace,

I’ve built a fair few and designed one myself, so yes, let’s!

Also, love the username.

Welcome Paul :wave:
I remember you from when I used to go to LRUG back in the day. Great that you’ve joined the Makerspace.

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Hi Paul, that’s very interesting! I would love to see your shamisen / sanshin someday.
I have bought a chunkam (a cantonese plucked instrument similar to shamisen, with frets) from Ray Man music some years ago. It would be great to know how you make your instrument!
I play erhu and other bowed-string instruments. I’m learning woodworking and trying to make a persian kamancheh right now.

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I didn’t make my shamisen, but I do have a book on how to make one.

Incidentally, if you’d like to see some sanshin music, my group is putting on an event at the Blue Market in Bermondsey on 24 June. And my friends from Berlin who play as a shamisen trio (sometimes with a band as well) are playing in Whitechapel on 29 July.

I’d love to see your progress on the kamancheh. They sound beautiful.

That’s cool! I’ll see if I can come to see your gig. Good show!