Hello, I'm Marylis!

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Hi everyone, I’m Marylis, and I’m super excited that I’ll be a part of makerspace from early next week! I’m an architect by training and I work as a sustainability consultant in central London. I love papercrafting and typography, I do calligraphy and brush lettering, and also do a bit of letterpress, and make personalised vinyl-printed t-shirts. I also enjoy graphic design and creating infographics, and would love to learn more about dynamic data visualisation. I’ve recently started doing 3d printing and am currently working with a startup doing product design, CAD, 3d modelling and rapid prototyping for them. Also very recently started learning how to code using microbit and arduino and would love to learn more - need help! =) . I love board games, video games and escape rooms. I’m also a mum so time is very limited but any free time I get is #maker time! =) Looking forward to meeting all of you and seeing what you’re all doing!

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I’d potentially be interested in collaboration with the 3D design startup?

I’ve already held a well received intro workshop on 3D design with Sketchup.

I could do one on Autodesk Inventor and Cura.

Let me know

Thanks for your reply Robert! :slight_smile: It’s a startup of a children’s toy, not 3d printing per se…right now they’re doing user testing and I’ve been 3d printing rough prototypes of various potential shapes for the product, with a mock-up of where the dials and buttons go. That’s pretty much complete now but we’re about to go into a next phase of product design that’s a more detailed, working set of prototypes based on the preferred shape. I’m going to need to figure out how to design working buttons etc (!!!). And then future evolutions of the product would probably involve some electronic prototyping as well. Right now I’m using solid modelling in Autocad as I have a license via work, and the models are pretty robust as stls when they get converted in Cura. Would be interested in learning how to do parametric modelling though! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’re still interested in collaborating and what you would like to work on! (Btw the startup project is not currently funded - but they’re fundraising at the moment)