Hello, I'm Laura

I enjoy making costumes but have a physics background so the crafts I have dabbled in tend to be quite varied. From sewing and pattern cutting to paper mache and resin casting. Liquid Iatex and face paint to arduino and electronics.

I really want to get into robotics, but more than anything I want to meet and work with people with similar interests.

I’m gonna aim to be at the open evening Wednesday - strike permitting - but otherwise I look forward to meeting some of you at Electronics Thursday.


Hi Laura,:smiley: well I make creatures , monsters and evil robots. Welcome to the space im sure you will find it interesting and we have a fantastic community of makers , designers, and a few mad projects to boot, Thursday evenings electronics night is open to all and there are some amazing projects that appear on the table and people also turn up to have a natter or just catch up on what is going on. (usually involving biscuits ). Keep well Brian D=

hey Laura!

Welcome to the SLMS!

We are gathering this thursday for the electronics night! come to join us!

Can’t wait!

Also, Yay a follow monster maker!

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We also have a sewing and craft social on the first Tuesday, August 2nd. Look forward to seeing you around the space!

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