Hello, I'm Kris. Dog mom, designer, and aspiring woodworker

Hey everyone,

I’m Kris and I’ll be moving to London in February after my furniture design program out in Somerset. I am originally from California but have lived in the UK for just under 2 years. I am very excited to be a part of the Makerspace in South London and am especially interested in laser cutting, 3D printing and woodworking :smiley: But am really down for any projects that others want to collaborate on. I would love to get to know other local makers and continue growing my own making skills through experimentation.

Looking forward to meeting y’all.


Welcome to the space! You can allways find a project that needs a hand here, so you won’t be bored if you’re between yours.

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Hi Kris, welcome!
I’ve joined the space just one month ago and I’m also a designer (industrial designer). Looking forward to meeting you soon! :blush:

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Welcome fellow Californian (and user of the inclusive y’all)!

Do you have work you’d be willing to share photos of? There’s a lot of keen furniture makers in the space.


Hi Kris,

Welcome to the Maker Space.

Open questions to Californians; do you regret moving to the UK when it’s cold and damp?

Welcome! Now please answer the important question; what sort of dog? Ideally answer with a photo.

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Awesome, great to hear!

Sweeet! I am actually transitioning from the digital design realm so would be awesome to hear about your industrial design experience :smiley:

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As for the other responses…

Definitely don’t regret moving to the UK :rofl:
Dog photos and furniture projects attached. :smiley: Only 6 months in so currently in the process of making my first table with intricate joinery and then moving on to a drinks cabinet that I am designing!


Haha amazing as sometimes I think of transitioning to digital! :joy: Let’s catch up soon :blush: