Hello, I'm Kev

(kevin) #1

Glad to be joining the space, just missed out last time by a few days.
More of a fixer than a maker but always interested in getting in on some projects. Mainly interested in wood work & furniture but have a background in technology too.
Current project is building some concrete (GFRC specifically) kitchen counters, first pour is this weekend, any tips welcome!


(Dan Harrison) #2

Hello Kev, we’ll have to have a chat about the counters, I’d be interested to see what’s involved

(Sarah Jones) #3

Hi Kev, welcome to Makerspace! Tom @unknowndomain and @andrew_d might have some tips on concrete worktops - they were involved with making the concrete kitchen worktop in the space.

(unknowndomain) #4

I’d say @peter_hellyer and @joeatkin2

(kevin) #5

Took a crack at it on the weekend, went well, I think (removed the form last night but it was dark so didn’t get a good look).
Things I learned:
Make more concrete than you think you need
Make sure your spray gun isn’t blocked before you fill the hopper with a load of concrete! Made it a much messier process than it should have been.

Will share photos and info if there is interest from others.