Hello! I'm Josh 👋

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Hey everyone - I’m Josh, have been living in West Norwood for some time and was really happy to find out there’s a makerspace so close by :slight_smile: I’m a software developer / data… person by trade - my main area of hacky makey expertise though is in building and designing synth modules and bits of assorted musical kit; and then, occasionally, actually playing them.

Asides the synth I’m really interested in the woodworking workshop :smile: I’ve been building with hand / power tools for a few years - mainly bits of built in furniture and odd little projects like suspended cat access solutions - but have some jobs in mind which would really benefit from knowing a table saw / planer. Plus I strongly suspect they’re great, if high-stakes, fun to use.

Asides from both of those I’m also really looking forward to meeting people working on interesting things, and helping if I can. I don’t know if the induction process is rolling at the moment, but I might try and get to a volunteer day soon and say hello. Meanwhile, if you have a synth, code, or catplinth based question - or are in S London and fancy and kind of jam, let me know.


Hi Josh, nice to meet you!

I am sure with your interests you will find a lot in common with people at our MakerSpace.
We have a electronics night that runs once a week online and now also in the outdoor area of our space.
Andrea @emuboy organises these and I am sure he will be very interested in your electronics projects. Plus our in-house master of synth himself @0atman.

We aren’t currently taking on any new members as of yet because of COVID restrictions which make it difficult to induct on new tools. But we will hopefully be able to do so in the next few month.

Until then stick around here on discourse and we hopefully see you at one of our volunteer days as well!

Hey Julia - good to meet you too.

Understood on new membership, and imagine you have a bit of a backlog :slight_smile: will keep my eye out for any news here. Would be great to drop into an offline electronics meetup too - had seen some rumours here of something happening on Thursdays but wan’t sure whether they were open to non-members.

P.S - @Oatman - really enjoying your Namtao stuff - would love to see the patch which produced that squishy, clipped Bass-N sound :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Josh

Sounds very cool what you do! I’d defo be up for a jam some day. Piano/guitar/bass player, dabbled in some synth but not a lot tbh.

Currently trying to implement some arduino responsive lighting into an electric guitar build, so will defo eventually need expertise in how to make it all work!

Hope to speak soon

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Wotcha Josh! Thank you for your interest! I used the polysynth ‘pitchscreamer’ preset for Bitwig Studio on Bass-N. A patch in want of a track, there!

@julia I’d say @deadlight might be the hardware synth master!

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Wotcha! Ha - I think ‘A patch in want of a track’ nicely sums up my entire musical predicament. I can see why you’d go for ‘pitchscreamer’ what a name.

@Ejlindskog - the guitar project sounds super interesting - what’s it going to respond to? Also: yes absolutely up for a jam :slight_smile: There’s a studio in Brockley I’ve been itching to get back to and actually I don’t think I know any London bassists at the moment (esp. who are are also pianists, guitarists…)

Anyone here a drummer?

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@petra is a drummer!

Josh, Welcome to the SLMS!

This thursday we are planning to have the electronics night in the open, if you want to have a preview of the space and talk about elettronics (the music one too) I would be glad to have you as a guest :slight_smile:

Thank you! And yes that’d be great, I’ll come along. What time do you normally start?

19.00 :slight_smile: