Hello! I'm Gergo!

Hello! I’m Gergo!
Just call me Greg if you having trouble pronouncing it;)
( to call me grogu [happens] you have to wear a mando suit:D)
I’m a black and silversmith and enameller with almost 20 years of experience, I spent the afternoons during elementary and high shool in an art studio drawing sclupting and doing work on ceramics. I spent a couple years in workshops using turning machinery, and fabricating whatever was needed.
I’m interested in 3d printing and pretty much everything.


Welcome Gergo! Great to have someone with your experience! We are in the process of setting up (or discussing setting up) a ceramics station here… So really happy to have you!

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Scream if you need help with it!

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Welcome Gergo! Great to have more metal skills in the space, and there is lots of new stuff I am sure for you to learn/explore as well! If you are interested in CNC we are ramping up inductions now that we have a lot of the repetitive parts recorded, stick your name on the list if you like! https://discourse.southlondonmakerspace.org/t/mini-cnc-induction-waiting-list/15946


Thank you! That would be good! ( For some misterious reason I don’t have access to that topic.)

Some topics are only accessible to members .I will send you the invitation on Wednesday evening. :slightly_smiling_face:

That explains a lot. See you on wednesday! What time are you opening?

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7-9pm :slight_smile:

Welcome Gergo! Will you provide the Mando suit? Would love to give tours in it…“this is the way”

It’s exciting to have more “metal” folks part of the space!

I made a couple suits of armour lot of hair ago for historical reenactment, so its totally doable😁

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