Hello, I'm Garry need to turn a metal thing

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(Garry Samett) #1

I’m interested in repairing stuff. Making stuff with wood and metal work. Currently have a project making a pedal power generator (after Demand Energy Equality course) and need help and on a lathe to make one bit of it.
I like to dabble in Arduino stuff and like a bit of wood work.
I work producing web sites and garden labouring.

(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Garry,

Transition Town and Demand Energy Equality…two things close to my heart

I think I know the very part you need to turn for the bike generator…I need to make a couple myself…

I see you’ve just joined the mailing list – at the moment it might take a couple of months before you get a place as there’s been a surge after recent public events…but don’t despair

In the meantime you should pop by and visit



(David Santoro) #3

Welcome Jerry!

(Rich Maynard) #4

Argh! Even Demand Energy Equality are pushing ‘off grid’ like it’s a good thing! Why would you not want to connect power generation sources to try and even up supply and demand, especially if using renewable sources that can’t really be switched on and off?

Personal rant over…

What’s the part that needs turning?

(Dermot Jones) #5

Rich…we’re about demystifying and democratising and educating at DEE…we’re unlikely to recommend anyone in a city takes their house off-grid – it would be far too expensive for a start…

But there’s plenty of areas where a little power is needed – say allotments – and much of the world where microgrids and localised energy seem the obvious future

(Rich Maynard) #6

I know. Amazing stuff you do at DEE.

It’s the blanket use of the term ‘off grid’ as a good thing that I object to.

You can’t do this without a grid:

(Rich Maynard) #7

Anyway, what’s the part that needs turning? Can we redesign so it can be laser cut or 3D printed instead?

(Garry Samett) #8

Hi Rich,

The part is to attach to an electric motor / generator. It will press against the back tyre of a push bike and drive the generator. I need a bar about 60mm long 35-40 Diameter. I will measure it up properly. I’m not sure if I need a lathe or if a very good pillar drill will do the job.

(Garry Samett) #9

Cheers Dermot. I’ll try and make the open night this wednesday.

(Dermot Jones) #10

That’s quite a spin to put on switching off some freezers at peak electricity use times…and makes you realise the huge amounts of energy they use…but this sort of coordination makes a lot of sense until we have energy-reduced alternative behaviour. You don’t really need any smart tech…could be done with a timer starting tomorrow

(Paul Court) #11

One of the projects I did in datacenters was to install bypasses on the chillers. When the outside temp fell below 11c, we switched on the fans on the roof rads and bypassed the chillers. Saved £100k’s in power as 50% of datacenter power is used in cooling ! My 2p’s worth


(Matthew Marks) #12

I did some pedal power quite a few years ago. I needed someone to turn a bit of metal for me too! https://collierswoodchorus.org.uk/pedalpower.html

(Neil Munro) #13

Hi Garry,
I’m new too… By the looks of things some of the waiting lists for inductions and rate of induction lessons it will take years to actually have access to some of the machines…
If you contact me I could be able to help here in Bromley as long as your part is not too big…
I’m interested in Allotment Arduino / pi for sensing and data collection transmission…

(Andy Sanderson) #14

Don’t be turned off by the induction lists, it doesn’t actually take that long because many names have been on the list and haven’t been active so actually the people near the bottom are the ones getting inducted.

Also if you are flexible with when you can come and setup notifications on discourse you will likely be able to get in on an induction soon.

Lastly the techs are super helpful and if you have a particular project you are working on they will often help get you get it going, just start coming to the space and taking to people to get involved!

(Neil Munro) #15

Thanks for the reassurance Andy…

Appreciate the need for inductions, just frustrating being a refugee from Hackspace and an ex engineer!

BR Neil

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(Dermot Jones) #16

Well…we’re always looking for support to make inductions more freely available: if you have the skills and can ring-fence a bit of time then let us know!

(Neil Munro) #17

Hi Dermot, I can give some time and am willing to do inductioneering…

Would you like to meet some time.?

I think we would need to look at requirements and expectation…

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