Hello, I'm Eyal

Hello all,

My name is is pronounced ‘Eh-yal’: E like ‘elephant’, stress on the ‘yal’.

I’m very excited to finally join you (I was on the waiting list for a while).

Some time ago in the depth of the pandemic, when everybody was looking for new ways to spend time at home, I got a 3D printer as a present. Today I design and print models of brutalist concrete buildings and then cast them in - you guessed it - concrete.

In the past I also programmed Raspberry Pis and I’d love to get into electronics a bit more.

I live up the road from HH and I’m looking forward to spending more time making stuff and getting to know you.


Very cool! Welcome Eyal!

Come pretty much any night this week to get your fob we have textiles tonight, open evening tomorrow and electronics night Thursday!


Hey! We are up this Thursday

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Thanks you! Can I come say hello this evening? Would this be when I get the fob?

Sure thing!

Show us pictures of your concrete art! That sounds hella cool!

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