Hello, I'm Camille

Hi there, I’m Camille!

I moved in London a couple of months ago and actively seeking a nice DIR/craft community. I do this mostly for my own project but also sell some items on Etsy mostly to fund my DYI projects :slight_smile:

In my recent projects, I’ve experimented a lot with laser cutting and engraving on wood and leather.

I’m also looking into improving sewing techniques to make clothes and technical garments such as custom hiking backpack protections and bike cover.

I’ve done some woodturning and would very much enjoy continuing to learn wood working techniques by attending classes.

I’m hoping to attend once a week usually in the evenings.

Very glad to join this community and looking forward to meeting you all!


Hello Camille,

Welcome to our community! It sounds like you will fit right in!

Have you considered visiting us on an Open Evening? They happen every other Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm. The next one will be Wednesday, October 19th. You’ll get a tour of our Makerspace and if you have any questions we’ll be happy to help you out!

Hope to see you soon!


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Hi Mark!

Thanks for your reply, yes I’ll definitely join at the next open evening session on the 19th :slight_smile: looking forward to it!

Hi Camille

I am one of the laser techs and I’m always keen to see what people get up to.
Do you have links to the stuff you have made?

You should put your name down for the laser induction so that you can use it!


Hi Brendon,

sure here is a link. Don’t pay too much attention to the content and symbols, it’s Warhammer related and therefore a bit weird :sweat_smile: I’ve been enjoying laser engraving leather though, it’s fun working with natural fabric and a lot of play around with settings.

Looking forward to the next induction as I’d like to resume this project! I’ve added my name to the list. Thanks!


I hope to bump into you again to chat gear! Prices for technical tents and insulating jackets are so crazy. I hope to one day be good enough to make my own.

Do you make the stamps for your seals? I’ve had some luck 3D printing them. There are some folks exciting about machining brass in the space as well.


Cool project. Looks like you have engraved on the “raw” side of the leather…

I have just announced the next induction.

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Hi Kyle! YES, definitely happy to talk gears :slight_smile: From research I’ve done it can be tricky as the raw material (e.g. insulation down) can be itself expensive. That being said with the current price increase it might become more and more worth it. Plus it’s more fun :blush:

For the seals yes, I engraved the negative in acrylic and used this as a stamp. I prefer it this way as it feels more “waxy” than 3D printed. If you have a couple of the ones you printed though I’d love to see that!

Yes I tend to prefer it this way!

Is there any induction planned at week-ends by any chance? I live quite far and work long hours so I can only come down at the week-end :slight_smile:

I’ve been keeping an eye out for places to get silnylon, DWR down, Cuban Fiber/Dyneema etc. Seems a bit easier in the US. https://ripstopbytheroll.com is a perennial favorite. https://dutchwaregear.com/ is recommended as well.
Folks have made tent ground sheets from cheaper materials like Tyvek or the plastic for winter window insulation (what I currently use).

I just have this bad photo of my first attempt

Ha thanks for the links I’ll go explore those websites!

The seal looks great! I’m not sure I could 3d print the 40k ones as they have a lot of details. Perhaps with a resin printer?

I think a resin printer would be ideal for that!