Hello, I'm Alessio

(Alessio Morale) #1

I’m Alessio, just moved to London from Rome (at the right moment i would say as memberships were open :smile: ).
My main interests are robotics(collaborating with an italian robotic association, https://www.officinerobotiche.it), drones (co founded and developer of www.librepilot.org, previously OpenPilot), electronic, programming.
I also like a lot of other somewhat related things like CNC ( I designed and self built a small 3 axis router, that unfortunately I had to leave in Rome :cry: ), 3D printers, mechanical design and modeling.
Obviously i have also tons of other totally unrelated interests (inline skating and swing to name a few) and a desperate lack of free time :smile:

I hope to meet you soon!

(Rich Maynard) #2

No way! You’re ideally placed to answer my question here :wink:

(Esther Gladstone) #3

Hi Alessio

Welcome to Makerspace. I am sure you knowledge and experience will come in very handy for us, and we look forward to seeing you in the space!