Hello, I’m Tamar!

Hi, I’m Tamar. I’m particularly interested in laser cutting, plotting, linocut print making and sewing. I’ve visited the space and loved to see the variety of stuff going on (and have a go on the line wobbler!) I’m especially interested in the knitting machine, and the potential to learn a bit of welding. See you all soon!

Welcome Tamar!

Youll be right at home! Have a chat with @Gergo_Dala as he was also interested in lino cutting !

See you in the Space!

@Tamar Welcome to the space!
@asander1 We can make/repourpose the setup!

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Cool! If you guys can meet up and figure out the details that would be awesome!

I’ve done a little lino cutting and would love to do more. Perhaps a future topic for a craft night? Is there any equipment at the space?

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I saw a cutting tool with different blades for lino inside the large drawers between MIG Welder and screen printing in the messy workshop. Some lino art inside there too. :slight_smile:


we can make a protective cover for the t shirt press from ply, or woodturn a roller and build a frame

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I’ll be in tomorrow. My knees refused to move the 50kg steel on the trolley today :sweat_smile:

I’ve got a couple of lino cutting kits that I’d happy to bring in to do a print making evening sometime early next year if people are interested (although I’m no expert myself, I can show the basics). A press is nice but it’s also possible to just use the back of a spoon as a baren so if we don’t have a press it won’t be a barrier to making some prints.


I spent my childhood in graphic workshops so will be able ro help! A rolling pin with some cloth does the trick. @woodtechs can you turn a d=100mm 40cm long one with 2 comfortable handles? ( that later can be modified for a press)