Hello I’m Rafs - lazer cutting and electronics

looking to make some large rubber blockprints for a non-profit event in october… flags, banners, t-shirts, walls… (also want to do some electronics)

hoping to get inducted asap. on the lazercutter.
Frank was kind enough to show me the ropes when i picked up my tag. yay!

looking forward to meeting makers soon.

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Hey Rafs,

Welcome! There are frequent inductions, you might have to wait a little while once you’ve figured out how to put your name on the list :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see what you make!

I think I’m interested in rubber block prints if they’re like ink stamps?

I’m also inducted on the laser cutter so I can cut it for you?

Hi Robert,

yes. ink stamps

That sounds great… does any evening work for you?
Doing a test would be good. But then i need to find a shop that sells lazer printable rubber.

Sure. I’m fairly flexible. Just give me as much notice as possible.

I’m hosting the open evening tonight if that’s any good for you?