Hello! I’m Freddie

Hello everyone, my name’s Freddie. I’m 31, I work as an A&E doctor at KCH, and I love making things! I am primarily a silver smith, but I love wood turning and would like to improve my wood working skills in general. I popped my head into the SLMS enticed by the massive dalek, and was very excited by all the equipment and facilities that I saw. I have a creative Instagram account @freddiesworkshop which has a selection of my creations, if you’re interested.
Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Hi Freddie,

Welcome aboard. I look forward to seeing you in the space soon!

Hello Freddie,

I checked out your insta - very impressive work both on the precious metals and on the woodworking! Very well done!

There are several fellow jewelry makers at SLMS - sure you’ll be feeling right at home!

See you around!


Nice! Welcome!

Pop by an open evening to get the full tour of the place! Here is the next one…


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Welcome Freddie! Glad I was able to show you around a bit. Hope to see you in the space!