Hello, I’m Eva

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Hello, I’m Eva and I’m a new member

I am a visual artist, working with sculpture and installation, among other media. I also make some furniture and clothes in my spare time too. For the last few years I have worked in my studio without access to a workshop with larger tools, and this has become more and more restrictive. Now that I’ve found maker space I’m excited to join the community, and expand the possibilities of what I can make.

I have experience working in wood and metal, incl. mig welding. I’ve done a fair amount of screen printing in the past too. Recently I’ve been working a lot with sewing heavy duty industrial materials, and so have learnt a lot about adjusting and repairing the insides of (mostly old) sewing machines. Maybe this knowledge can be useful…

I’m keen to get inducted in the wood and metal workshops as soon as I can, but I can’t seem to access the induction waitlists… can anybody offer any guidance as to how I can get signed up to these?

Looking forward to getting stuck in


Hello Eva,

Welcome to South London Makerspace. I am sure you’ll feel right at home!

It is possible your Discourse access rights have not yet cought up with your membership. This usually doesn’t take very long (max 48h in my experience, usually much quicker).

Once these permissions are granted, you can see all the messages on Discourse, including the lists for inductions. Then, you simply edit the message and add your Discourse handle to the list.

In addidtion, sometimes inductions are offered on discourse on short notice, worth keeping an eye open for those. Also, if you get to know an inductor and talk to them, there are inductions offered sometimes right there an then. No sweat, if the waiting list looks endless, these are fairly quickly worked through.

Hope that helped and see you at the Space,

Try now!


Hello Eva! Welcome!

That sewing machine repair knowledge will be SUPER useful! Very happy to have you around.

I hope you’ll join us for a sewing and crafts night. They’re every first Tuesday. See you around the space!