Hello, I am valentino

(Valentino Sfamurri) #1

Hi, i am Valentino

I am an Italian into furniture making, wood metal and recently pretty attracted to concrete. I do have a good DIY lab back in Italy, but, bit to far away to go all the time i feel like.

I have always been in the furniture and wood working industry, at the moment i work as kitchen designer.

I think your idea is great, i was feeling a bit frustrated that i cannot make anything, big smile on my face when i discovered the Maker Space.

For the record, i am also doing some small projects with Raspberry, and i got an unofficial Arduino that i am trying to find time to use.

When is a good time to come meet some of you guys?


(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Valentino,

Welcome! It sounds like you’ll fit in well here – and we’re always looking for people with skills to share, especially in metalwork, which is in it’s early stages with us.

Usually we have an open evening every Wednesday from 7:30, though the schedule is a bit disrupted due to Christmas. Otherwise: say when suits you for a visit and if any members are likely to be available to show you around they might reply below.



(Valentino Sfamurri) #3

Hi Dermot,

28th and 29th after 5pm, is anyone in at that time?

My next project will be a chest of drawer and i will be using raw steel, i have seen there is a MIG welder in the workshop, are all the tools available for members to use? Is there an induction to go through before the use of each tools?

I have loads of questions and i really can’t wait to see the space and meet someone!!


(Dale Connolly) #4

Welcome Valentino.

Aspiring furniture maker here also interested in concrete casting.

Looking forward to potentially picking your brains at some point. It’s always good to have skilled members knocking about!

(Valentino Sfamurri) #5

Hi Dale,

Anytime you want we can meet up and start doing some concrete.

Is there a DIY shop near the Space?


(Afshin Dehkordi) #6

I think Santa just delivered us a metal tech! :wink:

(Valentino Sfamurri) #7

Honestly not a pro with welding, but a MIG will most definitely make life easier! CAN’T WAIT!!

(Afshin Dehkordi) #8

I’d be interested in the all metal chest of drawers, let me when you start, happy to offer a hand.

Tell us more about your furniture and wood working work…share same interests (but am still at the start of that journey)

(Tom Newsom) #9

There’s one next to Herne Hill station. Doesn’t open late, so plan your visit…

(Valentino Sfamurri) #10

Need a space to start making, in Italy i was doing very traditional stuff with my dad, i have been a lot into making windows and doors, and small furniture, table and so.

Retro industrial chic is now my obsession, and i need a chest of drawers for my house, so i wanna make one, I was thinking concrete sides and top/bottom, walnut frontals and raw steel legs,

Do you have any nice design in mind that you would try to make? Execution challenges are always very welcome!

(Valentino Sfamurri) #11

Will i need wheels or can i walk with a friend helping me?

(Dale Connolly) #12

Sounds very nice. I’m very interested in fusing materials. Concrete, reclaimed wood & glass/resin. Very similar in styles I think. Looking forward to seeing some pieces coming to fruition in the new year.

(Tom Newsom) #13

It’s a short walk. 150m or so

(Tony Merchant) #14

Hi Dermot I am contacting about becoming a makerspace member as I have heard some space have become available. I am involved in bicycle build and design, I am also interested in coding classes for children. We have actually spoken about this matter when visited the maker space with Ed who is one of your members. Can you let me know if there are any spaces left and when it would be possible to discuss.

All the best,
Tony Tow

(Dermot Jones) #15

Hi Tony,

I’ve sent you a direct message

(Valentino Sfamurri) #16


I am very interested too, is there a chance i could subscribe?



(Dermot Jones) #17

You were already on the mailing list – see reply to your DM

(Andrea Campanella) #18

Ciao Valentino , benvenuto! :wink:

(Afshin Dehkordi) #19

Hi Valentino, welcome to the space! I’m into woodworking too, would be great to say hello. I’m also in need of a kitchen designer, if you time do DM be great to chat of a tea or coffee.