Hello, I am Pheobe :) *_*

Hello. My name is pheobe ~ I am excited to use this makerspace and be added to the community. I’m hoping to do some textile making, vynl cutting and maybe venture into metal working. I’ve recently moved to Brixton and looking to find spaces to make my work. I am an artist and sound maker ~ I sometimes gig / perform in different spaces.

Hoping to come to more of the electronic nights and build things too

Hopefully talk to more of you guys soon !


Welcome to the forum Pheobe :smile:

What kinds of sounds do you make? Do you have any interest in live coding? Just curious cos I’m trying to get back into live performance myself.

Hi Phoebe,

I think it was myself that gave you a mini tour on Thursday? Make sure you are on the waiting list and I know you’ve already scanned the open evening registration QR so next step I think would probably be for @welcome to send out your survey/direct debit emails?

Good luck getting it sorted… :slight_smile:

Hey Pheobe! We also have an open craft night every first Tuesday if you’d like to bring a textile project or just hang out. Hope to see you around the space!