Hello, I am Manolis

(Emmanuel) #1

Hello everyone,
I am Manolis, joined earlier this week and really happy about it - i am probably going to start with some woodwork projects but also also interested in learning about metal and electronics.

See you in the space

(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Emmanuel

And welcome!

As you probably know Thursday evening is Electronics Night, hosted by @electrotechs

Metalwork is in its infancy here, but things are coming together quickly with welding inductions starting, and the renovation of the lathe nearly complete by the @metaltechs

For woodshop inductions ask @woodtechs and put your name on the waiting lists at admin > induction waiting lists

You’ll need to wait until your first payment has cleared to sign up for inductions and get automatic notification of sessions – usually take five working days

(electrotech) #3

An electrotech here. Waves welcome aboard. Thursday nights are ideal to get support with electronics projects. We look forward to seeing you.

(Esther Gladstone) #4

Hi Manolis

Welcome to the space. What woodwork projects are you planning on doing?

Best wishes


(Brian Cox (no relation )) #5

Welcome aboard, there is plenty of wonderful people here to help you and all manner of things going on, Brian D=

(Emmanuel) #6

Thanks everyone!

@Dermot - i looked for the inductions but could only find some old posts. my payment should have cleared since the 1st of the month…

@Esther_Gladstone - was thinking to get started with some boxes, small cabinets , a stool. Once I am more familiar with the tools i am sure I will get more ideas :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #7

Hi Emmanuel,

You need to link your Discourse account with your membership account to be able to add your name to induction waiting lists and get automatic notification of induction sessions

Go to your membership account, click ‘Discourse’ and follow the instructions