Hello I am Jin

(hyun-jin son) #1

Hello everyone
My name is Jin and I am a product designer
So happy to join maker space and look forwards to seeing you guys!
It is so hard to find maker space out of college…
I am working with newspaper as material, so in terms of my process, I need some wood working and some of free and open space to work with it ! (included finishing sanding jobs :slight_smile: )
I am pretty fast to learn new things so do not worry!


(RobertL) #2

Hi Jin,

Congratulations on finding us. Your projects certainly sound interesting. Do pop in for inspiration, however membership is currently capped.

There’s a few similar projects in and around London and possibly a few more to come. Where abouts in London are you based?

Get yourself on our membership mailing list. It’s at the bottom of this page

(hyun-jin son) #3

Hello Robert,

Thanks for welcoming.

I am based in South, but hardly find somewhere to work out of college… (just graduated from Master)

I have to start making some objects in hurry, so would like to ask kindly requesting to join your workshop :slight_smile:

I was about to get on the list for membership.