Hello from Simon!

Hey guys, rocked up to the open evening yesterday and just thought I’d put in a welcome post - loved the intro to the site and everyone I met seemed ace! As for projects, the list is always endless but I’d love to make an electric stand for a piano, an outdoor foldout Murphy bar (I have attempted CAD to design this) and eventually a sofa bed (Julia might look at you for some sewing expertise!)

Really looking forward to joining and ASAP and looking forward to get involved if I can in sorting the new space!

Cheers all,

(Bonus pic of a wine rack I made last week)


Hi Simon,

Thanks for coming to the Open Evening and hopefully see you at the space sometime soon!

All best,

  1. welcome!

  2. how do the wine bottles stay there, friction fit?

  3. red wines only and white dry only?

  4. I am very impressed, what a nice wine rack!

Hi Simon :slight_smile: sure, give me a shout when you want to do some sewing. I have actually made a couch before as well :slight_smile: and welcome to the Space!

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Hi Petra,

Yes it’s friction fit and the holes are drilled at a slight angle so they stay level, and exactly I might need to make another one for the fizz!


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