Hello from Amy!

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(Amy Rakei) #1

Hi lovely people.

My name is Amy and I’ve just completed my membership registration to SLMS. I am insanely excited about joining your community and having a space to learn all things wood. I currently work in the music industry but in a relationship management role and so feel very creatively unfulfilled. I have always been very practical and love using my hands (am a pianist and cellist since a young child). I grew up in a can-do household, watching my dad fix anything he can get is hands on and building everything out of wood, so have been instilled with his mentality. I’ve been doing a few short courses in woodwork but I’m very, very new to the game as it was only recently that I had an epiphany that, contrary to my lifelong attitude, I think the music industry won’t make me fundamentally happy and I can really see an alternative path for me working with wood.

I want to use the space to practice making small bits like chopping boards, jewlery boxes, clocks, storage jars, bowls, spoons etc. I’ve done a course in woodturning and loved it, but still very new so would appreciate guidance from the team as I build on my knowledge. I’m an eager beaver and want to practice loads and learn as much as possible.

Can’t wait to meet you all. I’ll be down this or next Wednesday for the open evening, depending on car being fixed!


(electrotech) #2

welcome aboard :smiley: feeling the enthusiasm and i like it. have fun!

(Johan Lindskog) #3

Welcome! I was in similar boat to you (not in music industry, but being pretty new to woodwork). Joined in February and have already been helped so much. You will love the Space!