Hello folks

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Hi folks,

I’m Luisa and I’m new here. I did a BA in Fine arts and I would like to have the equipment to develop my projects. Also to be in touch with other makers and share knowledge .

I usually work on installations so I used different materials, from wood and metal to ceramics and digital.

Looking forward to meeting you this Wednesday -

All the best,


Hi Luisa, welcome!

Thanks Sarah:)

Hi Luisa,

We have several members who have similar interests!

@Robin_B @Ben_Sammon @Panjapop @Safia among others


Hi Dermot,

I am having problems with Discourse interface. I cannot access to many things as I dont have discourse credential address. I am login from the link you sent me, but if I try to do it logging in from the page I cannot. Could you help me with this, please? Thanks:)



Are you a member?


I’ve linked your account, check later and you should find it’s all working!

Hi Dermot,

I still can’t see the inductions category. Andy show us that category in his Discourse so I think there must be an access problem from my user. If not, could you explain me how to access to it. Many many thanks

Yes, I see…hmm

I’ve raised it with @peter_hellyer who’s been tackling the recent Discourse issues

I’ll add you manually to the Discourse ‘members’ group now

Thanks Dermot!:slight_smile: