Hello everyone!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Melanie and I am a new to the South London Maker Space. I got my membership a while ago, but have failed to find the time to start using the space. I luckily have a bit more time now and look forward to work on a few projects!
I trained in Fine Arts, Interior Design & Archaeology. Worked - amongst other things - as an Illustrator and now as an Art, Sciences & Technology freelance Educator.
Being a Jack of all trade, I have a wide range of interests and am always trying on new things.
My favourites are: building lamps and working on e-Textile projects, using the circuit as part of the design. I am researching at the moment how to harvest natural energy in the least cumbersome way for a small range of design projects. I also like building light furniture and kinetic sculpture.

I look forward to get making and meet you all!


Very interesting. I’m also a jack of many trades.

Specifically I want to work with graphic designers to produce world class web pages without any computer code. I’m a web host like godaddy and can setup websites in 30 mins.

I’m also happy to collaborate on eco tech products and services. I’ve got a range of power tool battery converters/upgrades and an electric bike which charges in less than 45mins

Also an internet radio station and associated android app currently unused.