Hello everyone, Oli here

Hi all,
Just joined today (on my birthday) - I came for an open evening and absolutely adored the space and the ethos and can’t wait to get more involved!
I love to fix things, hoovers to coffee machines for example. So if any members have appliances that maybe are faulty and could be donated to the space if working I’d gladly take a look before they go to the reuse center :slight_smile:
I’m also really interested in helping to build the second workshop, wiring some electricals or setting up some spaces, walls flooring etc.
I am planning to come in on Friday for my first time as a member and look forward to meeting people!
Oli / sroads


Happy Birthday Oli, and welcome to the SLMS!

Nice one, great that you got your membership sorted so quickly… welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome Oli and have a happy birthday!

I only joined last week and I share your excitement!

See you at the space!

Nice, welcome! I also like fixing stuff! There is almost always stuff around the space that is busted too, so great to have another fixer about! Here is some stuff we repaired a few months ago…

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Ahh, thanks for the tour!
I have a question if it’s okay, my membership doesn’t seem to have correctly linked to my discourse so I don’t have access to members areas such as inductions waiting lists. I messaged @ welcome - was this the right thing to do? I couldn’t find other people having the same issue

hi, you’re welcome…

I’m not exactly sure who initially connects your membership to the Discourse account for private area access but messaging @ welcome or @ directors should get you sorted out. If still no reply try @Julia (sorry Julia is this is not for you)

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Try now?

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Brilliant. Thank you, all sorted now :slight_smile: