Hello everyone, Nicolas from Herne Hill

(Nicolas BOILEAU) #1

Hi, I am Nicolas and I’ve joined the space very recently and I am pretty exited to start doing things, I am planning on starting by building a chess board ( maybe 3D print + paint the pieces ? ), but I also have some electronics project in mind. Really I would love to find things to do involving each tool in the space!

On that note, I would love to have inductions on all the tools, starting with the woodshop. I have been told to link my discourse with my account but unlock members only discussions but can’t find it?

I really look forward to start coming more often and meet more people from the space.

(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Nicolas – welcome!

It looks like you have linked your accounts as you’re showing here as a member

Induction sessions should automatically tag you – but don’t be afraid to ask for particular induction sessions. As many people say: the best approach is to come along to the Space and start making stuff: id there’s tools you don’t have permissions for then you can always ask someone else to help out with the odd table saw cut, for example

3d printing evening is tentatively Tuesday – it’s the tail end of the Prusa build at the moment, but all members are welcome to turn up

(Nicolas BOILEAU) #3

Thank you very much, I will come down this weekend to get started then!