Hello everyone, I'm Max

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I’m Max, I came today for the open evening and I loved the place, and the vibes! I hope I can be a member soon :slight_smile:

I am a web developer, and recently I started to be very interested in electronics and robotics, which would be my main focus at the beginning. I am also interested in woodwork and metalwork, and would love to learn more and maybe one day help the new joiners with the inductions!
I would also be very happy to teach code to anyone interested, especially in exchange of help with electronics :stuck_out_tongue: . My main language is JavaScript and I reckon most people here will probably go for Python, but I can definitely help with the basics!
I’m also a musician, and I’ve heard there are jam session at times, that sounds awesome (excuse the pun)!
I’ve heard there’s a survey I should receive I guess?

Anyway, looking forward to join this fantastic place!



greets max


Welcome! Great to meet you last night!

Thank you guys! Was really nice meeting you too Andy!


@directors can we get Max a survey? Thx!!

Will get this out over the weekend

Hi Max, feel free to give me a nudge if it doesn’t appear

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