Hello everyone, I'm Hugh

Hi everyone,

I’m Hugh and am looking to get into woodworking and learning other useful skills. I’m particularly interested in building fitted furniture for my home which is nearby.

Also I’m keen to contribute by volunteering. I am an accountant so can prepare accounts and do bookkeeping but would be happy doing some cleaning or tidying up shifts.

Looking forward to getting involved and coming down for an open day.



Hi Hugh,

Welcome to our community! Great you found us, sounds like you’ll fit right in!

You should have an invitation to join in your e-mail inbox, sometimes they end up in spam… just sayin’ :laughing:

If you’re available next Wednesday, 26 July, there’s an Open Evening at the Makerspace.

See you at the Makerspace,

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That’s brilliant, thanks Mark and many thanks for the invitation.

I should be able to make the open evening on Wednesday to have a look. I’ll purchase the subscription following that.