Hello Everyone, I'm Fil

Hello everyone,

I’ve just signed up and have been reading though a few threads, I’m completely blown away by the sense of community on the discourse site. The idea of a communal space where makers of differing skills can collaborate and learn from each other is paradise to me. I look very much forward to attending your next open evening.

As for me, I’m a Maker enthusiast and deeply enjoy working with wood and 3D printing. My background is in software engineering and I’ll be happy to contribute with any programming, 3D printing or IoT projects.

My current project in mind is creating a hardwood housing for a bio-ethanol burner for my living room and was very happy to hear that your makers space have a router table (exactly what I need :smiley: ). I’ve been building and making for as long as I remember so I hope to be able to contribute to this incredible community as soon as I am able.


  • Fil

Hello Fil,

Welcome to our community! Sounds like you’ll fit right in. Next Open Evening is Wednesday, Nov 30th from 7pm-9pm. You can drop in any time and get a tour of the Makerspace.

I also recommend checking the calendar next week if you spot Electronics Night on a Thursday night. This is open to members and non members alike. You won’t need a project to work on, just go and hang out and see how things roll. It happens usually Thursdays from 7pm til late.

See you at the Makerspace,


Ciao Filippo,

We have something called electronics night mostly every Thursday, come along and we can chat about it!


Thank you Andrea and Mark for the warm welcome.

I’ll will absolutely be over for the open evening on the 30th, I’m very excited to check out the space.

The electronics evening also sounds very interesting, I’ve worked with both raspberry pis and Arduinos so I have some basics knowledge but I’m always up to learning more.

Thanks again,