Hello everyone, I'm Barbara!

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Hi! Very happy to be part of this amazing maker space! (Formally in 5 days:P)
I finished my MA in July at Camberwell in Designer maker, and currently using some free time to develop my project in Lighting Objects and sculptures.

I would love to find a member who would kindly run a metal workshop induction, could someone indicate me a kind soul?

Thanks and look forward to meeting all of you in person!



Hi Barbara,

Welcome! Was great to meet you at the open evening

What area of metalwork do you need to work in? Let’s see if any @metaltechs are around

Hi Dermot,

thanks! In have already some experience in the milling and drilling machine, grinding, hacksaw and bench saw machine and welding.
I would love to start using the LATHE as I am planning to make some organic details in brass, aluminium and mild steel.

Let’s say that I am happy to have a general overview of each available tool in the metal space if possible

Thanks a lot!