Hello everyone (from ben)

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going to pop down later - but thought i’d say ```hello here first

i want to make some wooden games pieces (for the hive game)

i also have a couple of questions - probably in the wrong place :wink:

  • i am unemployed so was hoping to pay reduced membership - how do i request this?

  • how do i sign-up for the inductions?

Welcome Ben,

I wrote something just about that a few days ago. It is far from complete, but may help:
[ugh, why does it have to plaster a big picture of my mug next to it?? sigh]

Aaaanyway - I am going to copy-edit that over the weekend and if people like it they may pin it somewhere on here. For now it might be enough to get started.

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Hi Ben, drop us an email at directors@southlondonmakerspace.org with a brief note and we will get you sorted out :slight_smile:

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There is a “How to” category on discourse but people don’t seem to know about it. I haven’t read every article but I believe the advice is accurate. I’m not sure how we make it more visible. Some topics which might help:

Membership system guide (including how to set up payments and link membership to discourse):

How to get inducted on tools:

How to use discourse:

There are other topics like how to host open evening, how to dispose of waste, how to access the space, how to claim expenses etc etc

Maybe some new stuff needs writing?

Oh and hi Ben! What is the hive game?

Thanks for all the pointers Beth

I found the sign up lists under the categories Induction Sessions and Induction Waiting Lists

Hive is new i think. Very simple but fun - and have ideas for making pieces more accessible to blind/partially sighted (and for elderly).

Look forward to playing with some slms’ers sometime.

Ooooh, my friend gave me that as a present when she visited.

We tried playing it but my brain just ran and hid. It looks so cute and simple, and it is fiendish - I love it! :slight_smile:

Thank you Beth!

Which in my case is usually means I did not RTFM…
The induction one much better written than what I hacked, but that’s because good writing relies on re-write,s not on hot-takes - well, for me it does. So now I know, I can see whether I can add to that, carefully and with lots of reviewing :wink:

Even as it is, the Induction one might deserve a pinned status or prominent link in both the “induction sessions” and “induction waiting lists” sections?