Hello, Cristina here! :)

Hello everyone,

I joined yesterday after attending the open evening. I’m an Industrial Designer currently working lots with plywood that we sent to our CNC supplier. Looking forward to know more about how the CNC works to implement the knowledge in my day to day, but the first reason I looked into joining the Makerspace is to continue with a side project I started a few years ago in DoEs Liverpool, another makerspace up north - Decorative wall masks made by the superposition of different layers of MDF with melamines and veneers, all of them cut with laser.

I’ve also worked in the past for a 3D Printing company so looking forward to get my hands back on it after a few years.

Looking forward to see you all soon!

Btw - I got my fob yesterday but I still can’t see the member calendar neither the waiting lists for the inductions - I guess this might take some time?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi Cristina,

The masks look great!

Yes, if you can’t see all the events soon then nudge the directors or welcome team.

Take care,


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Welcome Cristina!, try the calendar now?


Hi both,

I have access to everything now!

Thank you,


Those masks look amazing!

Hope to get you inducted soon so that you can make more in the Space.
Unfortunately, the induction on the 29th is definitely going to be too full to add you.
However, I’ll plan another one for early Dec.


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Hi Brendon,
Thanks a lot! No worries, early December should work :blush:

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