Hello & Christmas Greetings and Happy New Year

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Hi, I have just joined. My name is Ryan, I live in East London. I wanted to join this community in the hope of becoming a member to access the facilities. I am also looking to learn and improve my knowledge and skills. I am in the early stages and at present my main interests are around woodwork and making things that serve a specific purpose for me. Thank you.

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Hi Ryan,

Welcome to our community. If you have filled out the pre-membership survey, you’re on the waitlist for a membership.

The best thing to do is come to the Makerspace and have a chat to other members and see what tools we got. We have an open evening coming up on Wednesday, January 11th from 7pm-9pm. You’ll get a tour of our Makerspace and somebody will be answering all questions membership.

See you at the Makerspace,

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Hi Mark, Thank you for your warm welcome. Thanks for informing me about the open evening. I would like to attend. Do I need to register to attend or do I just turn up?

On a separate note, I am interested in doing courses, however, I am finding no new courses in the calendar. Is it me or have no new courses been added for 2023?

Thank you.


Open evenings require no registration. Just pop in!

We currently have no formal schedule of courses.
Inductions for specific tools are announced a few weeks before they happen.
We have some interest groups that also run courses.
Finally, members sometimes request a course and someone volunteers to run one.

See you in the space!


Thanks Brendon. It would be nice to see some affordable courses. Your previous courses seem very fairly priced from what I remember - If I read it correctly. My budget is limited. So, I am looking for affordable courses, especially in wood work. I have been doing stuff on and off for many years, but I would like to learn more and get my skills and know how “sanity checked”. When you teach yourself its very easy to pick up bad habits.

I agree. I have lots of bad habits due to being self-taught/Youtube-taught.

We are a mostly learn-by-doing group.
Some of the courses have focused on a mini-project (e.g. making a tote bag).
We have a projects category (which may not be visible to non-members) in which people post their projects and ask for input.
We have also started a programme called “MakerBuddies” which pairs new members with more experienced members to support achieving goals.

I know that quite a few members have referred to courses they did here. Not sure if those count as affordable…

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I Will be running some courses in the new year as an alternative to inductions for the woodshop.

These will be phased in slowly .

First ideas for these are here!


Take cost and times with a pinch of salt ,
Likely to be more expensive and longer than shown here as materials will be included.

But you will leave with something you have made, the experience of making it yourself and the knowledge and confidence to take these skills forward to your own projects


I would be extremely interested in these!

I would like to come to some of these as well. I looked on the link and they are very useful courses to have. As soon as we can book in please let us know.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Please let us know how to register for these when they become available.

This is great! I’m so rusty so would be very keen to join these courses. Thank you in advance.