Hello all, I'm Kelsey!

Moved to London round a year ago for my MSc and sadly toured SLMS just on cusp of lockdown, but I am keen to dive back in (safely) soon! My main areas are 3D printing, laser cutting, and screen printing.

I worked part time during my undergrad managing, tutoring other students, and occasionally hosting events at my uni’s makerspace. We were equipped with a few dozen 3D printers (all ultimaker 2’s and 3’s) and laser cutters (Epilog Zing, Fusion M2, and the machine that was truly my baby - our Trotec Speedy 400) - so I was quite pleased to find a makerspace in south London that had such similar equipment. I also managed a screen printing studio at one of our art centers. Most of my maker-related work incorporates my own art - attaching a couple pics!

Looking forward to seeing some of you in the hopefully not-so-distant future! :ok_hand:

From a recent artist residency where I created topographical models of my landscape paintings and then 3D printed and painted them. The models and artworks were displayed side by side in a gallery exploring dimensionality and art. (You can see more here if you’re curious!)

A fun project from undergrad screen printing and laser cutting artwork of some beloved campus critters.


Hello Kelsey!
Wecome to the SLMS!

Your works looks great! I very much like the landscape! I whish I had the skills to paint my 3D prints so well!

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Very cool, welcome

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Thanks! There is a knack to it! But can definitely take your prints to a new level.

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