Heat Press

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eg. Manufacturer, model, capabilities. Include a photo.

Condition Notes
Was supposed to be 110v but the previous owners just put a 13A plug on it.
Actually it’s ok on 240v as its under 3KW and the thermostat works ok.
However I have replaced the relay which was 110v and burnt out with a 240v one.
The main switch was on the back and it wasn’t obvious if it was switched on. I have now fitted a new panel with a light up switch on the front.
The mechanical thermostat is ok but sooner or later I will add a digital thermostat with LED display. Perhaps automatic switch off after a period.
Max temperature is around 400C

Induction and Training
Induction required for safe use and knowledge of how to use it, adjust it, and what it can be used for. Currently informal.

Owned by - SLMS

List of @usernames who are responsible for maintenance
@howard, @silkscreentechs

Risk Assessment
—burn hazard, fire hazard, mechanical injury hazard
Identify risks
Lack of operational knowledge and precautions,Leaving unattended, leaving switched on,burns from hot plate, fire hazard - temperature can exceed combustion temperature of common materials,pinching or getting caught in the mechanism, heavy and awkward to move and can mechanically operate inadvertently causing injury, sharp metal.
State control measures:
Induction, training workshops
(Note: The following is effectively the contents of the induction process, if it exists)
Instruction for safe use,
Before Use
—Get inducted

####Setting the temperature
Note: this can take a while. The press takes a long time to heat up, and a long time to cool. To get it to the desired temperature, you need to twist the knob on the front top of the upper press element. The trick is to watch it heat up pass the temp you want, and then rotate the knob until you hear the relay click (the same works for cooling).

During Use
—Avoid contact with hot plate, do not leave unattended, do not leave switched on, use at the correct temperature and time required for the particular use, avoid the possibility of burns or mechanical injury to non users.

After Use
—Switch off, unplug,allow to cool down before leaving unattended, put away in designated place taking care where to hold to avoid moving parts.

—electrical safety

------burn hazard, fire hazard, mechanical injury hazard

eg. instruction manuals, tutorial videos etc.
currently none

Heat Press - Steps to get it operational?
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