Headphone Stand

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I’m, looking at building myself a Headphone stand,

I’ve order a nice big pieces of American Black Walnut for the base And I was thinking of buying a sheet of 3mm brass to make the stand, the real question is, what should I put in the base??

I could always put a QI coil in the base so that I can charge my phone, or
Perhaps a nice LED light ring and some capacitive touch buttons that I could use to control something on my pc (Teams reactions / Volume / ect,) with some nice laser etched images for the buttons.

Either way I hope to include at least @woodtechs @metaltechs @CNCtechs and @lasertechs

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated


Walnut doesn’t need LEDs to look good in my opinion

And an extra place to charge your phone is always useful in 2022 brass and walnut is a really good look and I really like the interesting geometric pattern cut into the Walnut


+1 for a charging dock. Have you thought about a smaller brass shelf integrated into the larger holder for a smartwatch charger?

It would be cool if you integrated the brass into the walnut base, so it’s as if the brass is growing out the walnut. Regardless, like Joe says, anything you do with walnut and brass will look good.


With an rfid tag in the base you could automate something (via your phone) that you do often when putting your headphones on / off the stand.
Eg when you pick up your headphones then tap your phone on the base to get your phone to turn on bluetooth and connect to the headphones.

Might not appropriate. But it’s possible!

Otherwise put something weighty in the base. Not sure how heavy your headphones are but you don’t want it to end up top heavy. A heavy base will make it sturdy to use

Yeah, I think I agree, no real need for LEDs

I don’t really have the biggest need for a charger but I am leaning that way.

When you say integrated into the base, what exactly were you thinking, in the model above there is some of the base removed al the brass is bent into a ] shape, but are you thinking of it coming out of more pieces?


I’ve been looking for metal / Brass to make this project, however by my calculation I would need a piece that is > 500mm long, maybe 40mm wide or so. All the sheets I’ve found are no longer than 300mm.

I’m not that experienced in Metal work, do I need to find a piece of brass that is greater than these dimensions, can I do some form of seamless weld?

Any thoughts or assistance would be appreciated

Brass can be difficult to weld and contains zinc which will vaporize which makes it a no go in the space according to our rules so far. Does brazing fit with your aesthetic?

To be honest I’m not wedded to Brass, I just thought Brass and Walnut would look nice, Open to other suggestions or ideas

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What part needs the welting? if you’re working with brass you might be better off soldering it. Silver solder would work best for that but you will be able to see it if you look closely.

Bending the metal that way without dents and scratches is going to be quite difficult with the current tools we have.

Ideally nothing, but I can’t find a piece long enough. So we don’t have any bending tools?

not really apart from a vice and human power

Interesting, looks like I might need to weld up a jig or two

Maybe try upcycling something??

Thats a lot of brass for £20 shipped - I could see 1/2 the tongs working well…

Interesting, I don’t know much about upcycling brass, but I’m up for the challenge

Just chop it and bend it up to meet your needs! Probably cheaper and better for the environment than buying new material!

Chop, chop, bend bend - attach to your base - job done!

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I’ve purchased it, lets see what we can achieve :smiley:


Awesome, yeah I am sure you can make something cool and functional out of it and the brass will clean up if you want it shiny!

now to study “Brass Work”


Parts arrived, a little smaller that I expected but I’m sure it can be made workable