Hard drive case recycling

I am gutting about 20 hard drives for parts that I will use.

I would like to get the motors out, but they seem to be press fit.
Any suggestions on how to remove them? Or if they are even usable?

Assuming I do remove them, I’ll be left with 20 blocks of aluminium.
Would anyone have a use for the aluminium?

I was surprised to see folks using them as drone motors. Sometimes the stator is part of the case; those are not as easily salvaged. Otherwise, we could make a jig to un press fit them :slight_smile:

Can you post what the aluminum piece looks like? I know @morgoberts was Al casting but the piece may be useful to directly machine.

Keep the magnets!

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Oops, that was the first point I meant to make! Great suggestion!

What are you planning to do with the motors? I’m curious as I have some old hard disks I would like to reuse in some sense.

I’m not sure what I will use the motors for - depends on their performance.
I haven’t bothered to research them further because they seem so impossible to remove.

worst case we can gently angle grind them out