Hard anodising and electroplating

What do you mean by ‘generator’?

Power source with voltage and current controls

The kit arrived today. I’ll see if I can take it on the bike, we could give it a go this week.
@pip are you bringing your amp project down ?

Where can I get distilled water in Herne Hill ?

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Builder’s centre might have it? Car mechanics might sell you some. Otherwise Halfords in Brixton.

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This seems to naturally prompt the issue of COSHH procedures and storage.

An RA needed for this activity too, of course.

Ok i’ll write one

Do we have separate coshh assessment templates ? Or should we include those as an addendum to the actual risk assessements ?

Separate - I can direct you to some existing ones I’ll PM you.

@directors we need to buy a COSHH cabinet - seem expensive though unless you know a cheap supplier? Need it for SilkScreen, Resin Casting, and Anodising

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found this one although it is in pure form 99-100%
need to check what is in the kit exactly but we will be diluting this to 5% and then storing it in the provided container

And PCB etching.

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OK so a decent size one then. I was hoping to fit it under a white bench though so should be under 8-900mm-ish

The anodising buckets are 5.5L. We will be leaving the electrolyte stuff in there

We now have loads of them

One of the members sells them for a living.

Do I have to guess? Can I get three clues or a riddle to solve?

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Sorry can’t remember . Put out a post

We really need one of them urgently, in the last donation there was a lot of chemicals in leaking containers and with no clear labelling…
Also some of the products for wood treatment should go in a dedicated cabinet (not sure if has to be coshh)
Little question, what makes a cabinet a coshh cabinet? Is building one a possibility or we need fancy stuff to follow the rules?

They need to be fire and corrosion resistant, and contain the contents of leaking/spilled containers. Not a DIY project. Pick one and we’ll order it.

Oh ok, good to know… I didn’t had a clue of what it was… :slight_smile:

Coshh sheets should be available from suppliers on request, not something we have to write.

Risk assessments for the activity, however…