Happy Thursday fom Nick!

Hello - I’m Nick. I’ve been living in West Dulwich since 2014. I have worked in Technology over the past 25 years designing and making non-tangible things.

More recently, I have been renovating my flat and I’ve managed to improve a collection of DIY skills over the past 18+ months. Now the renovation project is nearly over, I’d like to continue making and restoring ‘tangible’ things but without any outside space, it’s proving to be a challenge, and I can’t keep using my chop-saw on the street late at night :slight_smile:

Maker Space just seems to be perfect and it was really cool visiting on Wednesday evening. Thanks again to Doogle for a really good walk-through session last night. It’s very cool to see what’s already going on under the arches and it’s resurfaced some project ideas I’d like to work on:

  • Restore a wooden french style side unit
  • Restore a vintage industrial light pendant
  • Fix up some vintage picture frames
  • Fix a star projector light
  • Build an L-shaped office desk from square metal tubing and MDF or ply sheets (complete with a under-mounted light-box)
  • Upcycle some old scaffold boards into shelves and make some steel brackets to get them on the kitchen wall
  • Fix the USB charging port in an old Nokia N86 :slight_smile:
  • Restore a wooden fireplace surround (Needs resizing and some TLC)

I hope to meet you soon.


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Welcome Nick!

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Hey @asander1 - I’ve now signed up using my CC.

I’m hoping to get on the list for inductions for the metal and wood workshop tools. I can’t seem to access this page yet: How to get inducted on the tools to sign up.

Can I check if inductions are per-machine or is there a general cover-all induction coming up?



Welcome! Its a manual process to get access to the members pages! Give it a few hours and you will be in!

Ps. (We are working on automating this!)


Great - Thank you… Also @asander1 - Are we aware that all of these Discourse pages, intros, projects, etc are public? As in, you can open them up in a new incognito/ private browsing window and it still renders the content.

Is there an option in Discourse Admin when creating pages to make them restricted to authenticated users only?


Hi Nick,

Welcome to our community!

Yes, it is kind of designed like this because we have a couple of non-member Discourse users who like to chime into open discussions or have questions to all members that we want to keep.

You have access to all members’ areas. If you share sensitive info, i.e. phone number or so, make sure to do so in the member categories of discourse. The little pad lock symbol shows you which parts are members only.

See you at the Makerspace,


OK thank you @Geraetefreund - I was hoping to create ‘protected’ Project pages that were available to Authenticated Users of Discourse (both non-members and members) instead of Public pages that are available to the general public and search engine indexing robots, etc.

Anyway, I’ll save this one for another day :slight_smile: