Hand tool donation

(Tom Lynch) #1

@electrotechs There is a large bag for life full of hand tools in the electronics area with a wide range of hand tools that I thought might be useful for the space, if someone would like to sort through what is useful/they’d like to keep if not useful for the space, then I can collect the remnants.

(Paul Court) #2

Thanks Tom,

will have a look.


(Andy Sanderson) #3

Apologies @unknowndomain and @electrotechs- I didn’t read this closely and was looking for a tool and remembered reading about this bag of hand tools and took the time to tidy it away at the same time as it was in the way of the fire escape for over a month.

Given the never ending list of things to do in the space hopefully that is appreciated, not trying to step in front of the actual techs! Was just trying to be helpful!

Here is a summary of where things went:

Lots of good stuff in here:

Added screwdrivers and small/electronics tools to the electronics workbench, there is now a wide range of screwdrivers above the bench and small ones in the red container, tweezers and spudgers in the blue. The white tray is wire strippers, pliers and desolders as well as a full set of allen keys etc.

The messy room had a small selection of screwdrivers, but often the ones in electronics are grabbed and used all over the space…

The larger screwdrivers from the bag are in the messy space and the selection there is now very good in all but the tiniest sizes, so you shouldn’t need to grab screwdrivers from the electronics workbench anymore:

The only stuff in my view that wasn’t super useful as there are a bunch kicking around the space already is A/C power supplies etc…

This stuff is back in the Tesco bag by thr front door for Tom or whoever to do something with…

Actual techs obviously feel free to re-organise or correct anything I have done here! Cheers!

(Paul Court) #4

Hi Andy,

Thats very funny - I was looking at a load of this stuff yesterday thinking “where’s all this from ?!?” - though I was losing it :blush:

Many thanks for taking the initiative, most appreciated (as is the donation @unknowndomain )


(Dermot Jones) #5

They’ll come in useful too! Nice haul

(Tom Lynch) #6

Do you wanna check over those bits and if it’s more than a small quantity that can be binned let me know

(Andy Sanderson) #7

Put these in the A/C power cable box… bag is empty now - thanks again to @unknowndomain for the generous donation!