Hallo, I'm John

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Hi everyone!

I’m John, living over in Eltham. I’m keen to learn to use your 3d printers. I actually have an Ender 3 Pro, I use it to make silly toys and small items to do with Wargaming (scenery, terrain, etc.) to sell online. Quite reasonably, my partner doesn’t want the printer on overnight, so I’m limited to printing smaller things that can be done in 10/12 hours (the detail needs to be reasonably high, hence the slower printing).

Otherwise I’m looking to be a bit more sociable and meet some like minded makers, and contribute to a brilliant initiative! See you all soon I hope :smile:


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3D techs will help you during induction for the printer, but just a note that the 3d printers must be supervised during operation - so you’d need to (at least) be within the space, if not near the printer

Can you share some pictures of what you’ve been making?

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Hi Antony

Some pictures below of the kinds of things I’ve been upto:

A little ruined missile silo I made from printed parts and an old CD

This became a sea duel scene between two little warships I bought on a whim, the mould was 3d printed

This is a ruined city where I printed and painted the buildings and set them in coloured resin.

so here I designed and made a ‘mould’ for a resin sea battle scene based on the story of the HMS Wolverine that my Granddad served on near Malta in WW2



Hi John! Nice to meet you! These look really great :grinning:

We have an Open Evening on 21/9/22 from 7pm if you want to come.

We have a Flashforge Dreamer with dual extrusion and an Ultimaket 2+. The Ultimaker prints very fast and would probably take quite considerable a bit less time whilst still doing great quality :slight_smile:

Hi Julia

I came along last Wednesday, before signing up yesterday. Is the evening on the 21st specifically about the 3d printers?


this will just be a normal Open Day.
I just saw that you’re a member as of yesterday so you can just come in any time and have a look at the 3d printers.
@esta is doing a lot of great prints at the moment. She might be able to show you the machines. :grinning:

Hi John, brilliant models! I love the use of resin and oh such great eye for colour, I could see animated movies in those… The Ultimaker we have is definitelly faster than Ender 3 pro aas per spec sheets I found online, but we are ALSO limited by the machine having to be off when space is closed…, but you can usually find a day in the calendar when the space is booked from usually 10am until midnight…