Guitar speaker cabinet

In the midst of a 2x12 guitar cabinet build based

Routed half the main frame but need a 1.5mm spacer to line up the rest

I’ve been using a router jig

It was designed to use some unknown probably uncommon router bit so I am having to use a 5/8 " template but and a 1/2" with a 5/8" bearing

The plywood will rip out at the front so I have used a sacrificial piece to prevent this


Routing finished

Are you doing early fender style and using solid pine? Got plans on what speakers you’re going to use?

It’s birch plywood. I haven’t found any plans anywhere.

The dimensions are based on a Sills Super Fatboy 2x12

I am looking to put two kemper kone speakers into here once they are released to use with my kemper

Main carcass glued together.

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Edges rounded


Looking good!

Handle holes routes

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