Greetings! Tools and inductions?

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Hello all, I came to the open evening last night and am now a member. It was lovely to meet some of you and I’m really excited about being a part of this group.

I joined with particular interest in future ceramics capabilities but am thinking up some projects to try on some of the other tools.

I have added my name to some of the wait lists for inductions, though as a relative newbie it looks like I probably won’t be in the top 5/8 however many people in these inductions in the near future (specifically looking at woodworking basics and 3D printing), though I’m happy to wait.

I just wondered if anyone could tell me:

a) which tools/equipment do NOT need inductions for members to be able to use? - edit - I have been looking around the forums and I see that the tool descriptions say whether we need inductions or not!

b) approximately how often are inductions run? I understand that they are member/volunteer run and that it will be on the kind inductors’ schedules :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am looking forward to using the space and seeing some of you there.

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Hi and welcome!

You can get a sense of the induction frequency by looking at the announcements.

Hi, from a personal perspective of someone who joined two months ago (and asked same questions).

That’s complex. Your inductions could be rather quick if you can compromise on schedule and what’s comes first. Lists may look somewhat intimidating, but actual number of people showing up is usually less (last woodworking as example). Also, Makerspace runs inductions on an unprecedented rate at the moment and inductors actually try to adapt to demand, though many people joined recently so mileage can vary.
Inductions could have been not regular, depending on inductor availability, so some tools may have accumulated lists over time - Makerspace tries to deal with it currently with great success.

Also I should mention - though most of the tools are pretty straightforward to use (if somewhat scary), but skills take time to master if you have no prior experience. Good example would be wood lathe, essentially it is physical, like riding a bicycle, which won’t grow unless you practice. So good idea would be try things, but think of a project before taking everything on you shoulders. It’s easy to be overwhelmed. I know because I currently am.


Glad to see you found the note on the tool pages. The textiles and electronics areas don’t require inductions (except the industrial sewing machine I believe), as well as the vinyl cutter and vacuum former. Many of the miscellaneous tools floating about don’t require them either. If it looks like it could be dangerous to yourself or the tool if used incorrectly, then it probably requires an induction (everything in the metal and wood shops, laser cutter, cncs, 3d printers). As far as frequency, it really depends on the availability of those signed off to do inductions (which if you would like to give inductions yourself once you’ve picked up some experience, speak to a relevant tech for the area). Don’t be intimidated by the long induction lists, most of the people on them don’t respond.


Thank you for this! I am finding my way around this forum still and this is helpful!

thank you, I have figured out the lists now, and I think Andy showed me on the induction how the lists could look very long but actually very few takers for each session!

Thank you for sharing this experience. Yes i imagine that i won’t be a master on my first go, I think it’s helpful to remember this. I have been looking for simple projects to start with and build skills once I have been inducted.